Increased Storm Activity in the Northwest May Be Linked to Global Warming in the Pacific Ocean

Over the past year the United States and additional areas around the world have been impacted by an increased amount of intense weather conditions.

The number of extreme weather events has quadrupled since the 1970s

Research on geoengineering begun in 1896 from a Swedish chemist know as Svante Arrhenius.

The concept of controlling the atmosphere and the environment creates a large amount of debate regarding the regulation process. That being said, after the recent series of droughts and wildfires, we need to start seeking out ways to help reduce the increase of global warming.

The following tweet provides insight on the activity regarding the California wildfires:

The information shows how the trend over 100 years has been reasonably average up until October 2017. Seven out of the 20 most destructive wildfires have taken place since 2017. That trend can also be linked with the increase in global temperatures.

In 2018 the California wildfires took over two dozen lives. These fires have become deadly for people living in parts of the United States.

The rise in global temperature is also connected to rising sea levels, glacier melting, and tropical storms causing havoc on coastal regions.

As consumers and producers, we all need to work on reducing our carbon footprint with small and easy tasks during our daily life. It is also important to support scientists working hard to help manage the environment. Additionally, we also need to support global regulations to keep geoengineering more of a benefit and less of a problem.