Average Snowfall Records for Denver Has Been Down by Almost Half the Past Two Years

In an era of our climate rapidly changing it is important to record and keep track of the annual snowfall and rainfall.

In Colorado, I have noticed a swing in the amount of snowfall the state consistently produces on average. The National Weather Service noted that the overall average for snowfall regarding Denver is 57.3. Currently we are experiencing winters with almost half the average amount of snow.

The National Weather Service at weather.gov has reported the following statistics regarding snowfall in the Greater Denver area.

Seasonal Snowfall Last 10 Years:
Season Snowfall (inches)

2017-2018 | 25.7
2016-2017 | 21.8
2015-2016 | 72.8
2014-2015 | 57.8
2013-2014 | 38.4
2012-2013 | 78.4
2011-2012 | 55.6
2010-2011 | 22.8
2009-2010 | 60.6
2008-2009 | 38.1

The video below was produced on January 1, 2019 by CBS. Denver has witnessed two winter storms since the broadcast of the video. That being said, I can see in the video that in early January the total amount is around 8 inches for the winter season.

Even with our recent snowstorms I predict our overall average will be close to 25 inches, similar as the previous year.