Hiphop Music Rises Up in Five Points

Close to 500 hiphop fans packed the Roxy Theatre in downtown Denver on Friday and Saturday evening for new music from RITTZ.

The shows hosted a variety of local hiphop that defined Denver’s music scene.

This marked my second time seeing a show at the Roxy. The opening acts did an above average job of entertaining the crowd. Liquid Assassin brought a serious amount of energy to the venue to open for RITTZ.

After starting his independent record company known at CNT, RITTZ has been on a national tour supporting his latest album Put A Crown On It.

A close friend invited me out to the first night of RITTZ’s two night run in Denver. The show was rowdy and aggressive at times. I understand people getting hyped for live music, but respecting people around you is key to having a good time at concerts. The Roxy Theatre is a intimate venue, and the crowd was amped to see RITTZ perform.

It marked my first time seeing him perform live. His passion for music is undeniable, but his lyrical content could be refined at times. I understand his desire to question stereotypical concepts, but the mode in which he does it could be considered divisive.

His style reflects the Atlanta style of hiphop and rap. It was a treat to have him in Denver. During the show and on social media he pointed out the love that Denver has for musicians. I agree and wanted to give him a shout out for the passion in his craft.

Stream RITTZ’s latest album on YouTube.