Coachella 2020 lineup. Photo by: Coachella / Twitter
Coachella 2020 lineup. Photo by: Coachella / Twitter

The Coachella 2020 lineup has just been released and Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean will be headlining the event. Coachella will host two weekends of live music at the Empire Polo Club within Indio, California on April 10-12 and again on April 17-19.

Coachella Music & Arts Festival has sold out of tickets for Weekend 1, but hopeful music lovers can still register for Weekend 2 presale passes for the festival on Coachella’s main website. The presale starts Monday 1/6 at 12 p.m. PST.


The lineup features Rage Against the Machine. The band is coming back to the stage with possible new material in the works. They have been performing rare live sets over the past decade and have made it a point to come back in 2020 in an aggressive manner.

Frank Ocean made headlines after an incident where Drake was a surprised guest at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw event. The crowd was hoping for a Frank Ocean set, and was unpleasantly surprised with Drake’s music. To be honest, I have no idea why the crowd would boo Drake at the event. I listen to both Drake and Frank Ocean’s music, and overall, a DJ performing beats layered with their vocals is pretty similar in the grand scheme of things.

The Coachella 2020 lineup features several up-and-coming artists that have made a splash on streaming services, but overall lack experience on the stage. I understand the festival for booking acts within the same demographic as the audience.

One of the hottest acts that will be on stage this year is the independent success story of Run the Jewels. They should have a headlining spot, but it is still an awesome sight to see them booked for the festival.

During my review of the lineup a surprise came up when putting together a curated playlist. Testpilot will be performing at Coachella 2020. For those unfamiliar with this act, it is Deadmau5 performing under a different name.

Explore 50 videos featuring some of the amazing talent set to be on stage at Coachella 2020 with the following YouTube playlist.

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