Exploring the Python Ecosystem

When learning a new programming language it can be challenging to learn and apply development procedures using computer code.

Python is a one of the more advanced computer programming languages, but can provide a wide amount of flexibility for projects. I am currently learning Python and JavaScript to see the areas where each language is more effective.

I’ve been taking an online course with Udemy on Python. It has 100 topics and is extensive. I wanted to see how another instructor went about teaching the material. With the amount of time at home I have had recently, I have been reading literature on computer programming. After reading reviews and checking out the best authors, I picked up a copy of Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes.

Computer programming can tend to be dry and complex reading material. One of the elements I loved about reading Python Crash Course is how well Matthes designed the complexity to keep me engaged even during complex subject matter.

The book has helped me see the similarities between creating a set of steps, similar to a recipe, and developing a process that can help automate tasks. So far I am close to being half way done. The writing has kept me wanting to read more overall.

One of the most useful elements to the book is the skill challenges and projects connected to subject matter. I’ve been writing basic Python code and saving my files as .py

I’m continuing to develop a better understanding of the language with the skill challenges setup by Matthes. It could be that his background helps him with being good at subject matter and facilitation.

The book provides the opportunity to create a game and a Web application. My goal is to work on a basic prototype for the game, and take additional time on the Web application project.

Currently, I am looking for as many high quality sources for Python as possible.

When I first started learning more on computer programming, I would ask my close friend what book or course did you take that put him on the path for success as a programmer. He would often tell me ‘it depends on what you want to do with it.’ His response was similar to the response that I would get when asking professional photographers in photo pits what lens they would use to grab certain shots. The photographers would tell me it depends on what you want to accomplish with the photograph.

As a professional that has gone through trial and error, I can see which camera lens to use now for certain shots, and I am starting to learn which coding language to use for certain situations.

Watch the following video on additional reading recommendations on YouTube.