A new era is underway at eBay as new features are being tested through a beta version. Sellers and buyers at eBay can utilize the Price Guide feature and the Collections option.

My personal journey with using statistical analysis regarding sports cards started with Market Movers by Sports Card Investor. Before using Market Movers, I would search on eBay and use the sold items filter when looking for past sales to determine a fair price.

The evolution of using data for beneficial value is one of the elements I enjoy about technology. As more data is added to eBay’s database, the easier it will be to identify a more accurate price to each card.

Price Guide

Currently, the more popular cards have the most data to research. The less common cards are still being added to the database. When available, I will search for the card I am selling and add a screenshot of a recent search on eBay. It is my goal to be as transparent as possible with my buyers. I also support the idea of the buyer doing their own research to ensure the items they purchase is at a fair price.

The idea of seeing a graph of past sales does help create a baseline price. eBay recently gave the boot to a company for shill bidding, a process of making a card appear to be more valuable than it is overall. They appear to be taking the responsibility of being how people identify the price for cards using their platform seriously.


The Collections product feature is also beta testing at the moment. I have added one card so far that I was able to get a deal on. Overall, I find this feature has room for improvement. I’ve already created a Google Spreadsheet with each of the cards I have submitted to a grading company. It would be nice to import that spreadsheet into eBay when possible. I would rather not have to input hundreds and possibly thousands of cards into their system and keep a spreadsheet for managing finances.

Crescent Vale on eBay

We have several cards graded by Beckett available on the site. My journey with Beckett started in May 2021. I have sent 31 batches of 10-20 cards a piece in each batch, and have got back 2 of the batches so far. I sincerely hope they have not lost my first batch of cards with a market value of $500-1,000 before grading. If they have in fact lost my first batch, and possibly other batches, I will request from management to allow me to work on weekends, as I live in the nearby area, to help recoup my lost revenue.

Even though we had to create a new eBay page, I have been rolling out a series of cards to sell as a way of getting the ball rolling. Please review the Crescent Vale eBay page, and a shortlist of some of the items we have on sale.

Watch the following series of YouTube videos to pick up tips and tricks to selling on eBay.