Note: Matthew McGuire is a BlockFi employee.

BlockFi is evolving with the growing demand for cryptocurrency. Mainstream adoption is circling the major cryptocurrency platforms.

Recently, BlockFi announced that they have successfully launched a credit card that rewards clients with Bitcoin. This progressive movement has been gaining momentum over the past few months. 

As someone that uses multiple cryptocurrency platforms, I appreciate the level of support BlockFi offers. Their innovative mindset aligns with my personal viewpoint. In addition, Zac Prince, co-founder & CEO of BlockFi, has noted the following statement.  

“In just the first 90 days, the BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card has been an incredible success.” The fact that cardholders are pacing towards over $2 billion dollars in annualized spend reinforces BlockFi’s mission to provide clients with broader access to financial products and services that allow them to invest in cryptocurrency more easily and, in the longer term, possibly set them on a path to build generational wealth.” - Zac Prince, co-founder & CEO of BlockFi

My personal journey with Bitcoin started in 2018 by performing research on cryptocurrency. I believe that personal research is the best path for individuals. A mindful tactic that a person can do is performing in-depth research on a resource before putting resources behind it. This can lead to a more successful exoerience.  

With each piece of crypto that is available, I often see that widespread adoption is a key to increasing the price of the asset, as well as providing a more effective experience. The market does have fluctuations that can cause prices to move up and down. A long-term personal view I have on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano is that these assets will obtain additional adoption moving forward and will continue to increase in value. 

BlockFi provides a platform to support these assets. The company provides resources for new users to learn more about different types of crypto.  

A list of statistics related to users and the BlockFi Rewards Card include:

  • ​​Over 50,000 cardholders in 3 months.
  • Over 120 bitcoin were distributed as rewards to BlockFi card users in 3 months.
  • The card is pacing over $2 billion in annualized spending based on growth projections.

Watch the following BlockFi YouTube video for more information:

Watch the following CryptoRUs YouTube video to see his perspective on Bitcoin:

Disclaimer: The author is a BlockFi employee and owns bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. Cryptocurrencies are risky and may lose value. This article should not be considered investment advice. You should consult your financial advisors before making any financial decisions.

Applying for the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card (“Card”) does not guarantee that you will be eligible to receive the Card. Geographic, regulatory, and underwriting restrictions will apply. Fees and terms are subject to change, and additional terms of service will apply to the Card. By applying for the Card, you agree to receive marketing communications pursuant to BlockFi’s Privacy Policy.

For more information, please see BlockFi’s Terms of Service. BlockFi is not a Bank. Cards are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa® USA Inc. Rewards are not offered by Evolve Bank & Trust and are instead offered and managed by BlockFi.