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David Shaw
David Shaw – Vocalist in The Revivalists

The New Orleans-based rock-funk group known as The Revivalists have been scorching hot with the indie music scene over the past 6 years as a group. Currently the group is on a nationwide tour with stops at a variety of the large scale music festivals. This upcoming July this band will be performing at the All Good Music Festival in Thornville, Ohio at noon on Sunday, July 21. The Revivalists tear apart the small details, and continuously deliver stellar performances one after another. Their All Good set should spark up a good party near Buckeye Lake on the Dragon Stage.

The band will be reviving audiences all over the country with stops including: the High Sierra Music Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, Equifunk, Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Bear Creek Music Festival and the band will jumpstart 2014 on JamCruise. David Shaw, vocalist for the group discussed group dynamics, upcoming events and future plans with us during a quick interview.

Q. The band is touring coast to coast this summer with stops at several major events. Do you have any expectations going into any of these events? What are your thoughts on the All Good Festival, being that you are from Ohio?

Yeah, one of the things about the event is that I’m from Ohio. It’s at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. I’ve actually been to a few weekend festivals out there. I’m definitely excited to go back, and get into the old stomping grounds. See where the music has taken the place. I haven’t been there in awhile, I’m sure things has changed. I’m sure the people have changed. When I was going there, Acoustic Hookah shows were going every year. The same kind of people, and always good friends to jam with and chill at a show. I’m excited to play there, and check out some of the other bands. Have you heard of Skatopia?

No, not yet.

“Look it up, I’m excited to potentially go there. I don’t want to dive too deep into it, but there is a documentary on it. It’s slightly legendary,” Shaw said.

Sadly, I had heard of Skatopia, but totally forgot about the hidden gem during the interview with Shaw. For more information check out their YouTube page at: Skatopia YouTube Link.

Q. The band also recently performed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Was that a great experience?

Yes, it was. That was one of the best shows we have played. That was one of the best crowds to play to besides the crowds down here in New Orleans and Pensacola.

Q. Bonnaroo kind of has the New Orleans vibe in a way doesn’t it in a way?

“Absolutely, they were showing their love for us that is for sure. Bonnaroo and The Revivalists are a definite great match. They should get married today,” Shaw said.

Q. The Revivalists deliver high energy sets one after another. Does that take a lot out of you on stage?

“It is not easy. I think the best thing to do is to combat that with taking care of ourselves as best as possible. The road does take a toll, the shows do take a toll, but it is all a tradeoff. I could be behind a desk all day, pushing paperwork for a bossman. That would take a toll on my brain. If you don’t feel good in your mind, you are not going to feel good in your body,” Shaw said.

Q. Does the band make plans for 2014?

Yeah, we have bookings all the way up to 2014. We are playing JamCruise, which is the week after New Years. There is a plan besides that, but nothing set in stone,” Shaw said.

Q. Will that be your first time playing at JamCruise? Is the band performing on a beach, on the boat? Do you know yet?

“Yeah. I’m pretty stoked to hangout with friends, and perform on any stage they have ready,” Shaw mentioned.

Q. Is the band in the process of creating a new album?

“We are in the process of writing. We are always writing. We have enough material, but we haven’t started recording it yet,” Shaw said.

MM: Thank you for taking the time to talk about the band, and some of the recent moments that you have experienced on the road. See you soon Dave.
DS: Thank you.

For more information on The Revivalists check out their main website at: The Revivalists Main Website.

The Revivalists live at the Hangout Music Festival

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