Lockn Music Festival

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

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Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Willie Nelson and +30 acts bring in guests from all points of the globe to Arrington, Virginia this past September 4-7 for the second annual Lockn’ Music Festival.

Bob Weir was unable to perform this year, but the Bill Kreutzmann’s Locknstep Allstars stepped up on Friday to fill in and dial in a spontaneous set of live music. The festival produced several jaw-dropping moments. We go over them in our review that covers the action from Thursday to Saturday.

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We originally planned to have Nicholas Hess work the Sunday coverage, but he had to leave the grounds after suffering from a case of food poisoning late Thursday. Hess wanted to stay to cover the Allmans, and the other acts on Sunday. It is hard to say if a certain gyro stand is to blame, but if other attendees had any problems, please let us know. Our goal is to help make the festival scene a safe, and enjoyable environment.

As a member of the media, I find myself competing against several of my friends and colleagues for spots at events. I compare this to racing cars. You have drivers that are similar to musicians and journalists by the competitive nature of the action. We know that the music festival circuit will always need media. It is our goal to produce the best content possible.

The Lockn’ Music Festival did do an excellent job of providing local alternatives for guests to try out popular southeast dishes and drinks. We have setup a seamless navigation system to our 2014 review.

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Thursday Review



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Friday Review



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Saturday Review



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No BS Brass Band joins Lettuce, The Revivalists get shelter with Krasno, Umphrey’s & String Cheese & the Gang both have big sets on Thursday.
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The Locknstep Allstars host a superjam, Grateful Grass heats up on the Trinangle Stage, Phil Lesh & Friends + more.
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Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and several more legendary musicians gather on Oak Ridge Farm.

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Download and view high definition photos from Lockn’ Music Festival 2014.
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Flip through digital content covering the Lockn’ Music Festival in Arrington, Virginia.

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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.