CarbondALE Brew Fest. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
CarbondALE Brew Fest. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Local Brewing Companies Feature New Craft Beer Selection

CarbondALE Brew Fest celebrated their third year with a large selection of beverages on hand Friday, May 6.

Downtown Carbondale, Illinois was packed with craft beer enthusiasts. The pavilion was filled with laughter, live music and regional breweries looking to showcase their latest products.

Big Muddy Brewing, based out of Murphysboro, Illinois hosted two new beers on tap, as well as some of their top voted beers for guests to try out.

Southern Illinois Brewers, is a collection of brewmasters that work together to share their passion for producing beer. They had their own work ready to serve, as well as a unique beer from Scratch Brewery.

Wineries from Southern Illinois were on hand with wine to balance out the beer drinking. The event provided water to keep guests hydrated. A live band performed during the event. It was an excellent was to connect with local entrepreneurs.

Watch a recap of the event on YouTube.

CarbondALE Brew Fest 2016