Exploration in Virtual Reality with Oculus

Oculus has recently showcased some of their latest technology at Oculus Connect this past October 5-7 at the San Jose Mcnery Convention Center.

Virtual reality is amping up with the holiday season approaching, and Oculus has been taking pre-orders for Oculus Touch, (handheld sensors that interconnect with the visuals being produced in the headset.)

Oculus Touch gives users the ability to interact with digital content via handheld devices. A popular video game, Rock Band VR, will let gamers feel the experience of being live on stage during the process of playing a song.

Imagine that you can view in 360 degrees a sold out venue, with an intense crowd in front of you, as you perform some of your favorite songs. That immersive experience can help people with public speaking, performance art, anxiety, and give those that are unable to go see live shows a chance to experience it at home.

Live music is a passion of mine, but I understand that not everyone can travel and take the time out of their busy lives to see live concerts. With new technology in virtual reality, people will be able to connect on a deeper level to the music that drives them each day.

Several music festivals have streamed virtual reality content with YouTube 360. It will be interesting to see how additional events look to connect with virtual reality to expand their services.

One element that I find that would be interesting is providing music lessons in virtual reality. If Oculus and YouTube tap into the best musicians to teach their craft on camera; it would work well for students to be able to explore the way the instructors hit the note in 360 degrees. (The demos below showcase some of these functions.) How to videos in VR will become a new standard once the camera setup becomes cheap enough to penetrate the mainstream market within technology.

Music is a very powerful form of communication. When combined with virtual reality, it becomes even more impactful.

The videos below go over some of the latest updates from Oculus Connect in San Jose. Preview the latest technology, and see if it works with your style.

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