Ground Beneath Her Virtual Reality Project Needs an Update

The United Nations have released a virtual reality project following the massive earthquake that rocked Nepal in April 2015.


When this review was first posted, I had technical difficulties with the application. In less than a week the developers fixed the application, and it runs properly now. 

During my first run I utilized the audio playback. I used my imagination to paint a virtual reality picture in my mind. Overall, I didn’t get sick from the motion of modern VR, and was able to still get into the rebuilding efforts in Nepal.

“The physical and emotional pain of a natural disaster can shake lives long after the world forgets the immediate damage and hardships.”

“In Ground Beneath Her, viewers gain a better understanding of scars that remain after events like the Nepal earthquake.” – director Gabo Arora

After the update, I was able to experience additional depth with visuals in connection to the moving story by the narrator. 

Ground Beneath Her

Photo credit Barry Pousman. Courtesy of HERE BE DRAGONS and UNVR.