Mark Duplass, Talks at Google. Photo by Google / YouTube
Mark Duplass, Talks at Google. Photo by Google / YouTube

"Break the Rules Before You Know Them." - Mark Duplass

Talks at Google provides a platform for different industry leaders to voice their point of view, their mode of production, helpful insight and more on their craft.

In this discussion, Mark Duplass, director and producer, shares his genius within film and entertainment. His open conversation allows creative minds a window to see his blueprint to film production.


“Learn the rules before you break them.” – Mark Duplass

In this talk, Duplass shares his work experience by following the rules, and by breaking the rules. Creative producers in different industries will continue to face paradigms, and Duplass helps producers find the line of following trends, and filling a void in the market to create new paradigm shifts.

Duplass gave a speech at SXSW 2015 on filmmaking and the connections between start-up businesses and film producers. With this discussion, he continues upon that idea.

“And we realized, we don’t need the cavalry, and I think we don’t want the cavalry.”

“Maybe you don’t need the cavalry, if you are the cavalry.” – Mark Duplass

One of my favorite metaphors by Duplass during his live discussions is the ‘cavalry’ references. I believe is his referring to a major studio financing his projects so he can no long worry about the creative and financial aspects, and just focus on the creative.

This dilemma faces many young producers that want to get their work out there, and get it noticed, but may not always have the resources to capture their dream.

The insight that Duplass provides shows that even with little resources projects can be accomplished with the right mindset.

Below is the video on YouTube.

Mark Duplass | Talks at Google

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