Google is Steamrolling Virtual Reality on the Web with JavaScript

Google has launched a website titled WebVR Experiments to help manage and showcase the latest open source virtual reality projects on the Internet with JavaScript.

In an era of decentralized products and technology, producing interactive projects on the Web can be difficult with the limitations set by browsers and digital devices. Google has launched a platform that uses JavaScript as the core coding language.

WebVR Experiments has a selection of games, interactive media, and film projects to review.

The Musical Forest is an interactive music-based VR project. Google Creative Lab produced this project, but I had seen a project very similar to this being put together by a student in Boulder. Google Creative Lab should look into working more with the digital media lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Konterball is an interactive game that takes the motion of playing table tennis, and simulates in the virtual reality environment.

Browse over a preview of these projects with the YouTube clip. Stay connected to Google Developers for updates on social media.

Make sure to check out the interactive project Under Neon Lights featuring the song “Under Neon Lights” by the Chemical Brothers and St. Vincent.

WebVR Experiments: Virtual reality on the web for everyone