Oculus Connects with Samsung to Provide Enhanced Compatibility

Samsung and Oculus is working together to provide over 20 new virtual reality projects to Gear VR.

In addition to the new titles, Samsung also provided a promotional/preorder run of Gear VR for consumers that purchased the Galaxy S8. For those that miss the preorder, Gear VR with the controller is $129. I suggest this model for virtual reality users that have had some experience with virtual reality, but still waiting for more people to adopt to consuming content on the same VR platform.

One element that I enjoy about Gear VR with controller is that feels like a bridge to using more immersive VR projects with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Browse over the recently released titled by Oculus on Gear VR:

A Night SkyAFFECTED: The ManorAsteroids!Dragon FrontDrop DeadFacebook 360Hidden FortuneHoloGrid: Monster Battle VRHuluMonzoOcean RiftPaintVRRangiSingSpaceStar ChartSWAT AcademyThe Hospital: Allison’s DiaryVendetta OnlineViral QuarantinevTimeWandsZed Shot

A few of the standout titles include the Facebook 360 project, A Night Sky, Ocean Rift, Hulu and Paint VR.

Facebook 360

Recently at F8 2017, Facebook announced some of their augmented reality and virtual reality projects. With Gear VR, the platform allows users to view 360 content. An example would be if a friend posts a 360 photo or video, this program would allow the viewer to see the image with a headset in 360 degrees.

Facebook Spaces is made for the Oculus Rift. Watch over a trailer video to Facebook Spaces.

Gear VR and Facebook 360 serves as a bridge for consumers to see if they are really interested in additional functionality with the Oculus Rift in comparison to Gear VR.

A Night Sky

Connect the constellations with this interactive VR project.

Ocean Rift

Virtual reality can take viewers to all different points of the world. Ocean Rift takes users through the world’s first VR aquatic safari park.


The entertainment industry continues to expand along with the VR industry. Watch over a trailer to Hulu VR on YouTube.

Paint VR

The controller for Gear VR connects artists to three dimensional canvases. Parents can rest easy with the paint used in this program. Artists can save their work, and return to their VR projects at a later date.

Watch over the trailer showcasing the recent 20 new titles to be released by Oculus for Gear VR on YouTube.

New Gear VR with Controller Available Now—With 20+ Titles At Launch Today