Tribeca Goes Green for Earth Day 2017 on Saturday, April 22

The Tribeca Film Festival is officially taking place across New York City with film, music, and interactive projects to explore.

On opening night, Clive Davis and Tribeca honored a list of musical acts including: Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and many more renown artists.

Watch Aretha showoff her mic skills via the Tweet released by the festival from opening night.

This upcoming Saturday, Tribeca will put the environment centerstage for Earth Day 2017. Taj Mahal joins The Wyland Blues Planet Band will perform their hit song ‘Dirty Oil’ following a screening of Blues Planet: Trypitch.

Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock is one of the most important films of 2017. Josh Fox, Shailene Woodley, and Anthony Bourdain help craft and produce the film. Watch the trailer to this film.

The festival has also recently launched Tribeca Games. This two day event takes place on April 28 & 29. Tribeca has noted the following events for April 29:

  • Keynote Conversations Intimate conversations with some of the top game creators on the future of games and storytelling.
  • Retro Active Breaking down each title piece by piece, exploring every element from art, design, and sound, take a look back at some of the best games released in 2016.
  • X Post Conversations Cross-cultural conversations, pairing a creator of the gaming community with leading artists and filmmakers.
  • A special conversation on the past, present and future of VR celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Lawnmower Man

Browse over YouTube clips, and stay connected to the festival on social media for updates.

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