Columbus and Unrest work to Develop Distribution in a Digital Era

The Sundance Institute is connecting with film production teams Columbus and Unrest to help them strive in the digital production era.

Many filmmakers continue to work on balancing a budget for a film project that people will want to invest their time on, as well as a mode of distribution that will be the most effective.

Along with financial boundaries, filmmakers also take on a set of moral responsibilities behind their works of art. That is one main reason that Sundance is working with these films to help them find a level of independence away from major studios. This helps keep the voice of the artist in tack with the film.

“Many films have attempted to self-release over the years, but until recently filmmakers haven’t had the tools needed to reach their targeted audience. We’ve turned down more traditional distribution offers in the hopes of determining if this is a viable way forward for indie films with identifiable niche audiences. We’re thrilled to have Sundance Institute’s aid and guidance in navigating this new terrain, and hopefully creating a guide that other independent films can follow.” – Danielle Renfrew Behrens, producer of Columbus

Currently, Sundance Institute is conducting a Kickstarter to showcase these production teams.

This announcement from Sundance comes right as Amazon just announced a self-service subscription model for streaming media.

Help Filmmakers and Sundance Institute Tackle Distribution