A Night Celebrating the Best Entertainment on the Web

The Webby Awards recently held their award show hosted by Joel McHale. His opening was uncommon, but hit on some real truth within the media industry.

This award show highlights and honors the best content being produced on the Web. In contrast, Hale’s recent show The Great Outdoors was recently canceled after one season on CBS. The contrast is between traditional and new media combining and reforming the way consumers find entertainment.

Watch over the opening to the Webby Awards and entire show on YouTube.

Also, scan over highlights from the 2017 Webby Awards with a YouTube playlist. Stay updated with them on social media.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Webby Awards 2017 | YouTube Playlist” playlist_yt=”RJ2_Z113BRw, pT0WLTHLqxQ, FwOS77EIEGo, oKblcNkMBeY, EAjBO3L6DjI, Y7Y9vMDr4ig”]