Build and Design Creative Graphic Artwork with Google Blocks

Graphic designers have been creating 3D objects with 2D computer programs such as Maya and Adobe Illustrator.

Google/Alphabet have recently announced a new platform to create 3D artwork titled Blocks.

Traditionally, graphic designers have used 2D screens to create three dimensional pieces of digital artwork. Programs allow the producer the ability to rotate the point of the view to different parts of the object.

As computer programming evolves with the HTC Vive and the Oculus headsets; producers can now put on a headset, and build 3D objects in a more immersive environment.

After working with Gear VR and Paint VR, I find there is pros and cons to building 3D objects with a headset on.

One of the biggest flaws that I experience in virtual reality is the time that most users, like myself, want to interact with the content in comparison to a 2D screen. In the past, I have felt a little uneasy from the motion of the computer recalibrating my position in connection to the content. That being said, I have not experience Google Blocks yet first hand. The team may have decrease the motion sickness that takes place in virtual reality.

Overall, I find Google Blocks excellent for beginners in graphic design. The program will help build a better understanding on how three dimensional objects are put together. In comparison to May and Adobe Illustrator, Blocks is currently free to use.

Watch over the YouTube videos going over Google Blocks. Connect with Google Blocks for free starting today on Oculus Store and Steam.

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