Download the Application for Free on the Oculus Store

The Minnesota Vikings have recently setup a standalone application on the Oculus Store.

During one of the best seasons, the Vikings are also pushing forward with the user experience for their fans. They currently hold the lead in the NFC North with a record of 12-3.

The team reported additional insight on the latest developments with Oculus:

“We understand only a small percentage of our large fan base is able to attend a Vikings game or event. We want to bring experiences to them, and immersive technology is allowing us to do that.” – Vikings Executive Director of Digital Media and Innovation Scott Kegley

I downloaded the app and did some user testing. They do provide additional games that have not been uploaded to YouTube, and also provide 360 photos to browse.

“The Vikings are not only innovating new ways of creating content using immersive media, they are also one of the leaders in delivering these experiences to their fans.” – Zeality Co-Founder and CEO Dipak M. Patel

For fans of the Minnesota Vikings that may not have a headset to experience the virtual reality content, I setup some 360° YouTube videos to browse over on smartphones. Users can still enjoy a panoramic view of the stadium.

If diehard fans of the Minnesota Vikings do want to check out the additional content, the Gear VR headset is available online.