Power, Flooding and Additional Problems Hit the Northeast

The winter storm known as the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ is creating a large amount of problems for residents in Boston, New York and the Northeast.

Frozen pipes, flooding, nuclear power plants closing, damaging winds and additional issues have been hitting the Northeast over the past few days.

After the storm passed it left many residents low on resources such as power, gas, and non-perishable items. Officials have instructed for people to try and stay off the roadway, but that can be difficult for people needing to work.

Along with the wind chill the temperatures for sections of the Northeast will experience well below the freezing point.

On Thursday, January 4 Reuters reported:

‘The only nuclear plant in Massachusetts was shut just after 2 p.m. because of the failure of a line that connects the reactor to the power grid. Entergy Corp (ETR.N), which operates the Pilgrim Station, said it had not identified the cause of the line problem. ISO New England, which operates the region’s power grid, attributed the shutdown to blizzard conditions. The company did not say when the station would restart.’

In regards to the power issues, The Washington Post has covered some of the disruption following the ‘Bomb Cyclone.’

Watch over the YouTube video by Fox Business to see some of the problems taking place in Boston.