The cross section between the digital and the physical world. Photo by:
The cross section between the digital and the physical world. Photo by:

Table Tennis with Artificial Intelligence at CES 2018

Robots have officially taken over CES this year. The robotic industry continuously improves with design and functionality.

Gaming enthusiasts at CES have been testing out the latest trends in technology.


Robotics at CES

Omron Automation scored big in 2018 with automation regarding ping-pong. In many ways the robotic experience paved serious groundwork for consumers and athletes. This demo provided a view of the advancements within artificial intelligence in regards to user experience.

The trend of having robotic interaction to develop human skills will continue to build and expand over time.

Watch over the first video via Facebook and CNBC Make It to understand more about this topic.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Another major trend that hit CES 2018 was the use of augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The field of mixing the digital and physical world will continue to weave together. Check out the second video for more on augmented and virtual trends at CES.

HTC Vive released their latest product at CES this year called the Vive Pro. It provides additional pixel resolution and functionality.


The last video was not apart of CES, but it is a trend that I feel will only continue to expand, and I hope the interactive conference works more with eSports in future years.

MatPat with The Game Theorists provides some excellent insight on the growing field of eSports. As cloud computing and mobile gaming continues to build momentum, we will see more gamers look to compete with one another on a larger scale.

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