A Faster, Smarter Way to Engage at VidCon

Several large-scale events have transferred over to using RFID chips to allow guests in and out of certain areas. Recently, VidCon made the move to start using this technology at their 2018 event at The Anaheim Convention Center from June 20-23.

The festival organizers have noted: ‘in addition to a VidCon badge (as in previous years), you will need to wear a VidCon wristband, which includes an RFID chip, in order to gain access to the event.’

VidCon also noted: ‘You’ll pick up your badge and put on your wristband at the same time at onsite Registration when you check in for the event. As you check in, your RFID wristband will be activated and will match the ticket information you used to register when you purchased your ticket. This means that you can only check in for your own ticket; nobody else will be able to pick up your badge or wristband for you. Further, by the time online ticket sales close in June, please make sure the names on any tickets you purchase match the names of the people who will actually be using the ticket. For example, please don’t leave your name on two tickets if you’re not sure which friend is using your other pass; you need to make sure to update the names on all your purchased passes by our online registration deadline of June 6, 2018.’

They have made this move to help guests with safety and security.

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