YouTube TV logo. Photo by: YouTube / Google
YouTube TV logo. Photo by: YouTube / Google

YouTube Can Run, But It Can’t Hide

On Sunday, January 21 I reported that YouTube should start using a rating system similar to television for their original programming. Instead of contacting me directly, and asking for my help, the company did an interview with Newsbeat refusing to take responsibility for their actions the following day.

This disgusts me on several levels. I was reporting clear and valuable information about the service. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they took the low road and tried to avoid responsibility. This is what drives away users from their platform. I would not expect this level of immaturity for a multibillion dollar company.


BBC Newsbeat reported:

‘Speaking to Newsbeat, the platform’s chief business officer says the site is “different” and doesn’t have the same “editorial hand” broadcasters have.’

‘In the UK, licensed broadcasters have to stick to rules set by the regulator Ofcom, but YouTube insists it’s an open platform.’

I’m sure television companies originally didn’t want to label their content with ratings, but the F.C.C. stepped in, and made them. That is what should be done in this case, as well as other streaming platforms.

I’m thrilled that the BBC challenged YouTube on this topic.

I will take it a step further to help YouTube with their backlash from demonetizing content, as well as limiting users the ability to gain revenue from the platform with a suggestion.

  • YouTube should not only start using a rating system for their original content, but they should also provide a rating for content they have demonetized to provide transparency.
  • You’re welcome YouTube executives. I fixed your problem.
  • Advertisers will be able to place ads that relate to the rating and maturity level of the content.

As a YouTube producer with over ten years of experience, I find a responsibility to help them during these rough years.

Watch over these videos from The Know to find out more about this topic.

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