YouTube and video editing software. Photo by: /
YouTube and video editing software. Photo by: /

YouTube Moves to Vertical Video and TanaCon Experiences Growing Pains

Anaheim, California is the home for VidCon, a annual video conference held primarily for YouTubers to network and share new content.

Earlier this year, Viacom bought VidCon to help expand their digital presence. In addition to the waves at YouTube with demonetization, another similar conference independently setup shop in Anaheim.

This year TanaCon, a rival event that was scheduled to host 5,000 people, was also being held in the same area of Anaheim, and experienced an overwhelming amount of people trying to rush the gate. It had to be shutdown, but the event still provided a real world look at demand for social media and networking in the Anaheim area.

The keynote discussion in the YouTube video below shows positive benefits to YouTube producers that find demand within the platform. In most cases, for a younger generation of people wanting to produce content on YouTube, it might be more beneficial to show the process and path to obtaining an audience on YouTube.

A Path To Success On YouTube

After producing content on YouTube for over a decade, I have had several friends and family members inquiry about brainstorming, production, editing and the final outcome. In order to help them, I first ask about their goal of the video or project. Once we have a solid reason and goal to obtain, we can move forward.

First, identify the goal.

When I made my first YouTube video, I had a friend that needed video content featuring his live music. My goal was to help him display his work online.

I suggest creating content with a goal in mind that adds value to the YouTube community.

Second, identify the timeline of the project.

For many people starting off with producing video on social media, they often lack a scope or packaging of their content. It is smart to create an overall storyboard of the video project you want to produce, and then create individual storyboards.

An important note about producing video on YouTube is the amount of time each video will take to plan, produce, edit, and advertise. If you are still in school, I suggest focusing on your schoolwork, and if you have additional time for video production, scheduling an hour or two a week to work on production projects.

Third, identify the audience.

Each demographic is important to the person producing the content. In some cases, the producer will want to focus in on a certain demographic to engage with a similar audience.

Fourth, create a budget.

It addition to creating a scope for the video project, it is also important to map out a budget that will include the cost of production.

YouTube and Google have recently launched a browser option to live stream content, check out more information on going live easier with YouTube.

When live streaming on any platform it is important to note the risks of privacy and safety. Each piece of information shared online can be tracked, and we all need to be aware of the pitfalls within the Internet to avoid any issues.

YouTube is an excellent resource to learn and share new skills. I often find that creating content that can add value and provide benefits to the viewer to be the most successful videos.