Lone Howl album cover artwork. Photo provided.
Lone Howl album cover artwork. Photo provided.

Debut Material from a Tenacious New Group

Lone Howl is a five piece band from Southern Illinois. They have recently worked on a self-titled album scheduled to be released on June 1, and an album release party slated for June 15 at John Brown’s in Marion, Illinois.

The band started working on their debut album in August of 2018, and finished work before post production in March of 2019.


It has been inspiring to see the band’s evolution. After years of getting to know Marshall Anderson and Chris Brown, I have been looking forward to hearing the music they have been working countless hours on to produce. Recently I have relocated to Colorado, but often enjoy listening to Southern Illinois music to reconnect with the feeling of the area.

Marshall Anderson is an overall champion mainly due to his unselfish nature, and being one of the best station managers at WDBX. He invests a great deal of his life into music for other people to enjoy. I respect and honor his decisions to help improve the quality of life in Southern Illinois.

Christopher Brown and I have been friends since 1996. I watched him evolve as a musician for over two decades. From playing the acoustic guitar around a campfire and singing Ryan Bingham tunes, to seeing him perform live at venues across Southern Illinois. His development has been entertaining and encouraging.

Chris, Johnny, and Marshall sing vocals in the band. Kegan Doty, Jonny Coller, and Mike Arthur makeup the core of the group.

The album was produced by Blake Bledsoe Studios in Carbondale, Illinois.

‘Lone Howl’ the self-titled track delivers a western style of acoustic rock. Becca Perry, a fiddle player that will often perform with the group, layers this track with incendiary grace.

When listening to the title track I found myself being reminded of the Whistle Pigs song ‘Williamson County’. In connection to the song ‘Lone Howl’ being produced from Southern Illinois, both bands paint beautiful pictures of the landscape from the southern region of Illinois.

‘Broken Radio’ uses lyrics that paint a picture of finding escape through music on the radio following a breakup. The piano/organ layers the song to have a more robust sound.

‘One Mile From Somewhere’ is accompanied by a soulful horn from Robb Smith that continues to give texture and variance to the songs on the album. I enjoyed the route 51 reference.

‘Maybe It’s In Our Cards’ carries a tender sense for slow dance moments.

The album provides a look at an up-and-coming act that takes lighting in a bottle and puts it in a delicate package.

The lyrics to ‘Low Roll’ remind me of the late and great professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes. The gritty and rusty feeling within the song reminds me of his unstoppable energy in the ring. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

One of my close friends loves the show Lost. I understand it is off topic. But the song ‘Lost’ soaks in a beachside fiesta atmosphere that would be perfect for Bum’s Beach, Lake of Egypt, or Little Grassy Lake.

The song ‘Colorado’ is a darker track overall. I tend to always push against any form of entertainment that puts the spotlight on violence. That being said, I understand the song is about the remorse of being sent to jail for killing people in Colorado. As a person living in Colorado, I was expecting for more of a John Denver type of groove, but with going with this unique approach is creative and dark.

‘Monsters of Your Own’ has a laid-back drum and bass structure that would be fitting for a drive on the wine trail to Alto, Owl Creek, and Starview.

A blues style guitar riff is layered on the song ‘Hunny Watch Me’. It reminded me of late nights on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. If John Brown’s in Marion had a theme song, I would imagine it would be ‘Hunny Watch Me’.

‘Den Dweller’ is a classic rock throwback. I hear influences of Frank Zappa, Blue Oyster Cult, and Jack White.

The album concludes with ‘Bring It Home To You’ with a soft touch to cool off audiences during a hot summer.

Stream the self-titled track ‘Lone Howl’ on YouTube:

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