The age of artificial intelligence is still within its infancy, but the impact of A.I. will continue to have an profound impact on society.

Computer engineering is one of the most vital skills to the current and next generation of workers in developed countries. As automation continues to eliminate jobs across multiple sectors of the economy in the United States, companies will continue to have a demand for those with the ability to program and manage computer software and hardware.

YouTube Originals has encapsulated the current state of artificial intelligence with a series of documentaries to stream. Currently they have the first two episodes setup for free to stream, and the second two episodes available to those with a YouTube premium account.

The first episode has an interesting piece of A.I. in regards to robotics. Gil Weinburg, Professor and founding Director, at Georgia Tech for Music Technology has built a computer that can read and perform sheet music, as well as improvise music with the use of artificial intelligence. The act of a computer taking full responsibility of providing entertaining independently is an new concept for myself.

We have seen DJs take samples of music from an analog form and make it digital. Now we have computers taking samples of composed music and using independent coding properties to create a new form of music. It is just one example of the advanced properties taking place within computer programming.

Robert Downy Jr. brings his perspective and narration to the topic of A.I. Watch the videos on YouTube and continue to explore the art of computer programming.