The 13th annual Gem and Jam Festival has recently announced the artists that will be on hand for the 2020 event taking place in Tucson, Arizona from 1/31-2/02.

There will be a live painting auction benefiting charity on Sunday, February 2.

Live artists this year include: Aaron Brooks, Amanda Wolf, Ashley Elliott, Autumn Hunnicutt, Ben Ebene, Bild, Bree Like a Tree, Blake Foster, Bobby Kruse, Canman, Chris Bohlin, Christmas Glasses, Clay Hicks, Cole Hazard, Dan Hoffman, Dice 51, Ellie Paisley, Elise Alexander, Gavinger, Heilig Art, Ivan Beauvalet, Johnathan Singer, Katie Rose, Laura McGowan, Lucas Rodriguez, Luke Schroeder, Lyn Sweet, Maurice Laflamme, Michaelle Fiore, Mike Hancock, Mr. Melty, Olivia Jane, Rosa Beryl, SacreDimensional Art, See One, Stephen Kruse, Taylor Smith, Whitney Holbourn, WOAR2, Wrenna Monet, and additional artists.

Our media outlet will be covering the event with a written review and photographs following the event. In the past years we have captured the creative energy on and off stage, and will be looking to record it once again this year.

Check out the Gem and Jam main website for tickets and additional information.