Fetty Wap, Lenny Kravitz, Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine closed down the Hangout Stage in grand fashion. Her set started early at 9:25 p.m. After four days of intense music, the festival celebrated their seventh year with fireworks and historic music on stage.

Run the Jewels performed on the Surf Stage to a large audience. Their set was hardcore hip-hop that had political and intelligent storytelling. The crowd overall was the most energetic groups I have ever seen. On multiple occasions, I noticed groups of girls running for stage to stage. It takes real dedication to run to different stages. The next generation definitely has a fresh pair of legs.

Lenny Kravitz and Fetty Wap drew massive midday crowds. Teddy pointed out his favorite set of the weekend was Fetty Wap. My favorite set of the weekend was Muddy Magnolias.

Run the Jewels at Hangout Fest

Run the Jewels at Hangout Music Festival 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival
Run the Jewels at Hangout Music Festival 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

Sunday provided the best weather and entertainment overall. After Fetty Wap’s massive midday set, we ventured to the merchandise area near the Mermaid Stage. The Hangout Fest has excellent fashion available at the event each year.

We made it back to the main stage for a classic set of music with Lenny Kravitz. His set was above par. Muddy Magnolias performed on the BMI Stage around sunset. It was a highlight of my weekend. I was able to interview the band before the festival, and being able to see them live during sunset was fantastic.

Florence + The Machine provided a true headlining set. Her worldwide presence is impressive on stage. It was my second time seeing her band live. I found it to be an good choice to have her headline, but I would have had her perform on Friday or Saturday night.

Overall, the Hangout Music Festival is my favorite event in the US. It takes place in a perfect setting, the crowd is authentic music lovers, and the bands range from unknown indie acts, to mainstream pop bands. Hopefully the festival organizers work on the kinks, and provide transparency with their guests.

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