Local Guides Challenge Taking Place in October 2016

Google Local Guides is hosting a challenge to capture and record local businesses via photography and written reviews. During October 2016, Google is opening up Local Guides to encourage users to add informed, clearly written reviews to Google Maps.

‘The 5 cities that contribute the most reviews and photos in October will be invited to an epic event in their hometown.’ MegS – Google Moderator


I’ve been working as a contributor on Google Maps. After researching this event, I noticed that users need to sign up as a ‘Local Guide’ to contribute information to be recorded for the Local Guides Challenge.

After one signs up for a local guide, they can add photos to locations in their area to collect points. This might seem unconventional way a spending free time, but I went around a few blocks to my downtown today, and found out that I was being helpful, as well as getting a full exercise.

Despite my city having fewer guides and locations, I find this competition to be useful for local businesses that can use high quality information to help clients connect the companies online.

Aside from this competition, Google also provides perks to guides that contribute large amounts of high quality information. The company does an excellent job of providing incentive for users to add feedback to local, regional, national and international companies.

Local Guides Stories: Global Community, Local Knowledge

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