Travel to Toronto, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Philadelphia and Palau with Virtual Reality Videos

YouTube has a Virtual Reality channel stocked with engaging videos from all over the globe.

Desktop users can watch the videos and use the mouse to view additional angles of footage. The immersive storytelling provides media producers the ability to expand the viewing experience to submerge the audience within the setting.

Headset users can watch these videos, and use the different devices to stream and engage with the interactive content.

YouTube producers may want to expand their production skills, and start filming in 360 degrees. The company has a guideline for uploading 360 videos to the platform.

The following 360 cameras are compatible with YouTube and are available today or coming soon:

  • Ricoh Theta
  • Kodak SP360
  • IC Real Tech Allie

In addition, producers can also upload spatial audio to sections of the video when a user pans over a section of the content. I would like to see YouTube expand this to where users can direct the audio at certain angles. An example would be a user has four speakers surrounding them. YouTube could offer a feature that would allow producers to create sound direction that would mock a real life experience.

The two YouTube playlists below offer 360 videos with a wide scope of content.

The 2017 playlist provides engaging 360 videos from different points of the globe, as well as other top virtual reality videos produced this year.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”YouTube 360° Playlist | Most Engaging Videos of 2017″ playlist_yt=”jvtvFHPRcsY, lVaBvyzuypw, 7lxDt43T3wQ, ulQNvOYs9uA, UHyxNybbQCk, 5A7Tf1-eRU4, 23A5Dlvqq9Q, NnSfxd_kVYg”]

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