This collection of articles focuses on the company Amazon. We also feature content including: Amazon Web Services, Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime.
Amazon Prime layout and design. Image by: Amazon / YouTube

Amazon Prime partners with CBS for Summer Series on demand

Written by: Matthew McGuire Prime members will have unlimited access to episodes of new CBS summer series just four days after their initial broadcast at...
Apple speaker. Photo by:

Amazon Prime and Universal Music Group Connect

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon announced today that Prime members in the U.S. and U.K. will now have access to even more great music with popular...
Amazon Prime Instant Video logo.

Amazon announces lineup for its twenty fifteen fall pilot season

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon today announced the lineup for its fall pilot season which is scheduled to debut later this year exclusively on Amazon Video...
The all-new Amazon Fire TV. Photo by: Business Wire

Amazon releases an array of tablets and updates to Fire TV

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon released so many updates and products today, they might as well have held a press conference, and had a burned out...
Amazon Prime Now. Photo by: Amazon / YouTube

Amazon restructures content and delivery distribution

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon has announced today two key developments within Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now. The company offers a fast pace delivery method...
Amazon Prime Now

Amazon’s Prime Now Introduces Restaurant Delivery in Seattle

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon has announced recently that they will be partnering up with Seattle eateries to provide a delivery service with Prime Now. Mobile...
G. Love and Lucinda Williams. Image by: G. Love / YouTube

G. Love and Lucinda Williams recreate New York City

Written by: Matthew McGuire G. Love and the Special Sauce have teamed up with Lucinda Williams to pay respect to Lead Belly’s ‘New York City’ for their...
Bitcoin. Image by: We Use Coins / YouTube

Cryptocurrency and how people are buying into Bitcoin

Written by: Matthew McGuire Bitcoin is a currency platform that takes encrypted code from one user that is connected to a bank account for a specific...
Amazon Prime Instant Video logo.

Amazon Prime Offers Downloadable Content for IOS and Android Devices

Written by: Matthew McGuire Amazon Prime Instant Video announced today that the company is now providing users the ability to download content to digital devices for...

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