Hangout Fest 2016 crowd. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
Hangout Fest 2016 crowd. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Paradise on Earth

The Hangout Music Festival hosted their seventh annual event in Gulf Shores, Alabama with 40,000 guests May 19-22. This year marked our fourth year covering the event, and we have coverage from all four days from Hangout Fest 2016.

Guests can navigate through each of the four days of live entertainment, and also browse over our video coverage with the YouTube Playlist below.


Despite weather, the cancellation of a headlining set from Calvin Harris, The Weeknd’s stage set getting wrecked, numerous security issues, power going out, and larger crowds; the Hangout Music Festival is still the best live music experience in the United States. I attribute it to the people in the crowd mainly. Southern hospitality continues to thrive in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

On Thursday evening and early Friday morning a strong storm moved through the area. It resulted in the festival being temporarily closed, and The Weeknd’s stage set getting damaged from the weather. By Sunday evening, the weather cleared and Fetty Wap, Lenny Kravitz & Florence + The Machine closed down the festival in grand fashion.

Conversation on Facebook gave insight on this year’s ticket sales with Stub Hub. I suggest the festival be more transparent about this in the future.

The last attendance cap the festival set was at 40,000 people. After covering this event every year since 2013, the crowd and parking situation has become more dense, but the vibe at the festival is still warm and welcoming overall. The festival has continued their focus of a younger demographic from 2015, and I see it continuing into next year. It gives me a chance to share and experience new music on a large scale.


























Hangout Fest 2016 YouTube Playlist