Downtown Las Vegas. Photo by:
Downtown Las Vegas. Photo by:

RTJ3, YouTube Rewind, AWS, Hangout Fest, Netflix and More Created Breakout Moments on the Web

Twenty sixteen has been a year for the record books regarding a large variety of topics.

First, we want to thank everyone for taking the time to review our coverage that connects audiences all over the globe with news covering music, film, technology and additional industries during 2016.


It was exciting to bring on two new multimedia producers with Lindsey Tucker and Samantha Harvey joining the team. They helped add content for festivals in Florida and Colorado. Harvey is set to cover the Gem and Jam Festival in Arizona coming up in early February 2017.

Our outlet was accepted to Google News in October of 2016, and we continue to build national and international audiences with compelling coverage. We also setup Google AMP, and Facebook Instant Articles to connect with additional users. We plan to connect with Apple News in 2017.

The main website saw a major spike in traffic earlier this month resulting with our company getting a larger server to accommodate additional users. We appreciate the support during 2016, and will be covering even more topics next year to fill the demand for independent journalism.

The political landscape and future of our country was decided on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Election 2016 continues to be investigated, as well as many high profile cases that took place this year.

The Chicago Cubs finally broke the ‘Billy Goat Curse’ with their World Series win over the Cleveland Indians. It was one of the most thrilling World Series matchups in decades.

Technology has seen rapid advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, online security, 3D printing, drone racing and additional breakthroughs in the tech sector.

Overall, the year has been memorable for so many reasons. Hopefully you have made joyful memories in 2016, and have plans to create even more in 2017.

Below is our top ten articles of twenty sixteen. Watch over YouTube videos that made their mark on the Web. Continue to check back to our network of websites and social media to stay updated on our latest coverage.